You select a piece of furniture, you transform it, you submit:
what do you get next?



Plans of furniture are available in three sections: FOUR VIEWS, PART LIST and PART DETAIL.
What do they contain precisely?

The FOUR VIEWS section

These are the four essential pictures to display furniture as a whole.
The 3D view shows furniture within a synthesis scene, together with its main dimensions.
Top, side and front views are projected onto planes, they depict global measurements of furniture.
  • Coffee table 3D view
    3D view
  • Coffee table top view
    Top view
  • Coffee table side view
    Side view
  • Coffee table front view
    Front view

The PART LIST section

It is composed of two pictures: the exploded view with a label for each piece (A, B, C), and the part list needed to achieve the project, including the fastenings.
For example, to build this coffee table, you will need 6 parts labelled "A", each mesuring 5cm x 15cm x 45cm.
  • Coffee table exploded view
    Exploded view
  • Coffee table part list
    Part list

The PART DETAIL section

It includes one picture per labelled part (A,B,C). Each image individually details the parts: dimensions, positions of any holes, etc.
For clarity, a diagram shows in red the area occupied by the part in the cabinet: you can't go wrong!
  • Coffee table detail part A
    Detail part A
  • Coffee table detail part B
    Detail part B
  • Coffee table detail part C
    Detail part C


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  • Shoe rack
    Shoe rack
  • Ladder shelf
    Ladder shelf
  • Tetris shelf
    Tetris shelf
  • Nightstand
  • Over toilet cabinet
    Over toilet cabinet
  • Toy box
    Toy box
  • Coffee table
    Coffee table
  • Cabinet without back
    Cabinet without back
  • Bathroom shelf
    Bathroom shelf
  • Stair bookcase
    Stair bookcase
  • Picnic table
    Picnic table
  • Room divider bookshelf
    Room divider bookshelf
  • Wood shelter
    Wood shelter
  • Picnic table for children
    Picnic table for children
  • Compost bin
    Compost bin

You did it yourself!

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