Simple and robust, it welcomes the toys in a corner of the bedroom.










Boards width




Toy box - woodworking plan




Click here to see a toy box in 3D

Woodworking techniques

Nails yes
Screws yes
Dowels yes
Bolts no
Mid-wood assembly no

Tips and advice

The rope can be replaced by any other decorative holder yes
Imbed the screws so that they are invisible yes
The size and spacing of floor boards can be easily modified yes

Toy box


  • Shoe rack
    Shoe rack
  • Ladder shelf
    Ladder shelf
  • Tetris shelf
    Tetris shelf
  • Nightstand
  • Over toilet cabinet
    Over toilet cabinet
  • Toy box
    Toy box
  • Coffee table
    Coffee table
  • Cabinet without back
    Cabinet without back
  • Bathroom shelf
    Bathroom shelf
  • Stair bookcase
    Stair bookcase
  • Picnic table
    Picnic table
  • Room divider bookshelf
    Room divider bookshelf
  • Wood shelter
    Wood shelter
  • Picnic table for children
    Picnic table for children
  • Compost bin
    Compost bin

You did it yourself!

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